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EKA® Classic 8 Titanium Coat

EKA® Classic 8 Titanium Coat

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The EKA  Classic  8 Titanium is an elegant everyday knife that can be used for most things. With a design inspired by the knives that were produced around the turn of the century but manufactured with 'coating' in the increasingly popular material Titanium. Therefore, the knife is suitable for all possible water sports and for all boat lovers out there who want to be able to store the knife in the boat without risking it being destroyed by moisture and rust.

This EKA knife also has an integrated belt clip so you can easily attach your knife in a suitable place where you can always grab it when needed. The EKA Classic 8 Titanium is simply a stylish all-round knife following a classic design with high-quality and modern materials, it can't get any better!

  • Blade Length: 90 mm
  • Total Length: 214 mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Shaft: Titanium (coating)
  • Blade: high quality steel
  • Weight: 165 gr
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