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EKA Firesharp

EKA Firesharp

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EKA Firesharp is an innovative combination with two blades and a fire steel. You sharpen your knife quickly and easily with the help of crossed carbide blades and the crossed ceramic rods give the edge the perfect final polish. The fire steel consists of a folding steel and a removable spark squeegee that works equally well in wet and dry conditions. For the really geeky there is a morse alphabet on one side.

  • Tip; Avoid using the edge of a knife when striking the steel. Can cause damage to the knife blade as well as possibly cracking the fire steel.
  • Overall Length: 4.75″ (120mm)
  • Width: 1.5″ (38mm)
  • Thickness: 0.40″ (10mm)
  • Weight: 4 oz. (113g)
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