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EKA Viking Combisaw

EKA Viking Combisaw

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The extremely useful combination saw 'Viking' is a very flexible saw that is useful wherever you need to saw. Because the saw is foldable, it is easy to take with you in e.g. the backpack, the car, the caravan or the toolbox. In the folded position, the saw blades are recessed into the frame, which makes both transport and storage safe. The saw can be equipped with 3 different blades for wood, metal or all-round. The combination saw is made of aluminum profiles, which makes it light and flexible but at the same time robust to work with. Choose from two sizes; 17″ and 21″ depending on which length you prefer.

  • BLADE LENGTH: 17″ 420MM // 21″ 525MM
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 17″ 430MM // 21″ 530MM
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 17″ 360 GRAMS // 21″ 450g
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