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From Log to Log House Book

From Log to Log House Book

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Written by Sven-Gunnar Hakansson, From Log to Log House is a book full of helpful information for anyone looking to craft log structures. Log building was the traditional construction method in Scandinavia a thousand years ago and is still practiced there with great expertise. This book captures the essential knowledge developed over the centuries by Scandinavian log builders, together with a range of ideas for modern plans and designs. It is an inspiring source of information whether you are an experienced log home builder or are trying for the first time. 

Included in the book are photographs, detailed drawings and careful descriptions for a number of typical Scandinavian log structures: the Hiker’s or Hay Worker’s Shelter, The Granary, Storehouse, and various outbuildings such as a shop, barn or rustic toilet, Summer Cottage and extended family dwellings. Each with detailed drawings to show all aspects of the construction. Of special interest is the great variety of notch styles: Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. From simple to complex, Sven-Gunnar walks you through the merits of each with his discussion and practical style. His thorough and genuine interest comes across in a way that’s easy for any reader to capably take on the steps to building a log structure. 

The 334 page book covers a variety of topics like: log building tools, techniques, how to move a log house, log house care, cutting roof pitches, traditional roof and roofing alternatives, stairways, and more! 


Sven-Gunnar Håkansson has been an outdoor leader in log building since the 1970s. From small structures to large, substantial dwellings his Scandinavian structures are works of art. 

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